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Hey, Welcome to my world!


Hi, I'm Amy and this is my family!

Hi, I'm Amy Otis, creator and owner of The Otis Adventures blog, design company, and YouTube channel. Sounds really fancy, but really I'm just a wild and free boy momma of 4 boys, and no we don't have plans to try for a girl, military spouse, and lover of all things creative and colorful. I love helping other people truly make their house a home and my goal is to really get inside of people's heads to figure out what their dream home is that they maybe can't express with words. 


I'm the lead designer and blogger, but I have a team of amazing assistants who will help you design the home or space of your dreams that is functional, cozy, elegant...whatever your heart's desire. I pride myself in creating designs that are special, and unique to each client's personality, lifestyle, and aesthetic. 

Starting off as a wedding and event designer right out of college, then making the move to interior design 10 years ago, I have combined my experience, talents, and passion for all things design to create The Otis Adventures with her amazing husband Steve.  Designing dozens of residential homes,  is ready to help you create your own little piece of paradise in your own 4 walls. 


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This is Steve. He's the man who helps tame the chaos and who scales back my crazy but also helps me turn my ideas into a reality. He is an active duty Marine, a musician, uber talented, can fix anything, and is pretty much the best husband and dad ever (I'm totally unbiased of course)

The Boys

Oliver, Harrison, Simon, and Jude

The 4 wild and crazy Otis brothers! 

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