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From large-scale remodels to a simple quick makeover we can help you create a space that reflects your personality and style. 

We assist our clients with projects from start to finish and anywhere in between. Consulting with architects and builders, helping choice furniture and pieces to match your taste and style; we can transform your house into a beautiful and cozy place to call home. 

We currently work with clients all over the United States. 

Custom quote depending on project size available. Design project consultations starting at $250


One on One


I can't wait to chat with you about your project!

This is for those of you who have a home decor or renovation project in the works. You may need design ideas and advice on paint colors, furniture layouts and paint, art and decor ideas. 

Intro meeting: $200 for a 1 hour meeting packed full of info. Info and pictures before our meeting or super important so I can review them, come up with ideas, and really maximize the time that we have together. Our meeting will be via Zoom and I will send over all the info you need once you book the meeting

Follow up meetings and design boards  of our meeting ideas with pieces to purchase and my decor picks are $100

E Design


We would love to design your home or space from afar. We have designed homes and spaces virtually all over the country. We can help you choose furnishings, art, accessories, and send you links to purchase everything that you need. We can help as little or as much as you need to really transform your space, using what you already have, or purchasing pieces that really reflect who you are as a person. 

This includes a design board with design ideas, and a list to purchase all items needed and a Zoom call to put everything together and essentially decorate together once your items arrive.

This cost is $350 per room and includes zoom call, design ideas and advice, design board with styling ideas and decor, a purchase list, and a 30 minute styling call to place everything once it arrives. 

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Let us turn your home into a place that anyone wants to buy! No matter if you don't want to move and just want to use what you already have to make your house amazing, or you want to sell your home and need it to photograph beautifully and sell quickly, we have you covered. We can use what you already have and add pieces from our own collection to make your home look the best it ever has. This service is a custom service and requires a quote based on square feet of home and monthly cost if using rented pieces. 

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