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Rustic Kitchen Remodel

This is my friend Laura.

She is a major boss babe. I'm talking MAJOR. Her story is amazing but the short story is that she had a Etsy sewing business and was happy when she sold a burp cloth and is now a millionaire because she joined a network marketing company. She *just* had a baby (2 weeks ago) and has a total of 4 littles under the age of 7. She retired her hubby from his job where he was a USMC officer stationed at Camp Pendleton and now they live in Nebraska! When she showed me photos of her house I was so excited to get my hands on it and update and improve it in so many ways...think late 90's style brought to the current decade and then some! I'm going to share just her kitchen renovation here today!

I designed this almost completely remotely. I flew out a flew times (I also live in SoCal) but did almost everything virtually and with a great contractor! Then I flew out for 8 days and designed the crap out of the space and made it a home!! I was so tired and even got bursitis in my knee (ouch), but gosh darn if I didn't get that house finished! All 6 bedrooms, 3 season room, deck, family room, kitchen, living room, dining room, man cave, playroom, office, and 4 bathrooms of it.

When I got to the house their entire 3 car garage was full to the TOP of the ceiling with boxes! I ordered, and ordered, and ordered. I think I was ordering something new for the house every minute of every day! This was her dream house that she worked SO hard for though so I wanted to make sure it was perfect! Oh and did I mention that my hubby was deployed during this time?? Yep. And I had 3 little dudes under the age of 4?? Yep. This was a bit of a crazy time in my life! I think I put my babysitter through college with how much I used her last year! Love you Megan!!!

Moving on...THIS KITCHEN. I absolutely love it. LOVE it. Laura wanted it light and bright but also functional with her kids and their grubby (yet adorable) little fingerprints all over the cabinets. So I went with a gray for the bottom counters and white for the tops. I also moved the weird not-really-functional-and-no-idea-why-it-was-the-way-it-way island. The most amazing carpenter came in and custom build a island that is now pretty and functional! If you are in Nebraska and need something build with wood hit me up and I'll send you his deets!

We went with a farmhouse double sink, copper fixtures, and quartz counters. We also ship lapped the crap out of this place! Here are some pictures!



We removed the microwave and built it into the island and replaced it with a copper vent hood. It took a long time to find one that would fit in that space and we ended up with 3 different vent hoods until we got the right one that worked!

Those chairs are an almost white fabric....can you guess if I scotch guarded those or not???

They are from Ballard Designs. I have a slight love affair with Ballard Designs You can find them here.

So those lights right?? I mean; SWOON. They are custom made copper pendants and you can find those here.

And that Gather sign?? Made by my amazingly talented friend Natasha and her company Simply Schulze. I keep her very busy with sign requests for like every person that I've ever met. But, if you're lucky you may be able to persuade her to make you one!

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