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Easy Trick for Tulips

I have an easy trick for having tulips not droop. You have been seeing this all over the internet lately but if you haven't and have some tulips you want to keep fresher, longer then you have come to the right place!

Ready for it?

Tap here to see the Instagram video

Stick a pin in the top of your tulip stem and pull it back out. It ill keep the tulips from wilting and starting to droop and point downward.

Make sure you cut your tulips at an angle so they can drink as much water as they need to, because tulips do drink a lot of water.

Pull off any leaves that will touch the water. This creates bacteria and makes the tulips not last as long. Also it's soooooo stinky if that bacteria starts forming.

Compost those leaves!!

I will periodically take the stems out and re cut them since tulips grow after they have been cut.

I hope these tips helped! And check out some of my favorite vases for flowers down below. The one in the picture is from Aldi, and it is actually a carafe but it works great.

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