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Makeover for a Military Family

A while back on my Instagram stories I asked if there were any military spouses who were struggling with a room in their home that they needed my help with in the DMV area where I currently am living. Happily I got a good amount of people who reached out needing help and after planning and designing I finally got to go finish one of those spaces!

This family loves the traditional style with hints of modern thrown in. They loves jewel tones and everything olive tree; this was the greenery at their wedding in leu of flowers. They are Roman Orthodox and that is a big part of their lives so they wanted to be able to incorporate that and the meaning behind it in their special space as well.

Check out this before and after!

As military spouses I think many of us are always waiting for the next PCS, or waiting until we retire, or until we are living at a place longer to make our house a home. But here’s the thing, I truly believe that making your house a place you love is so important. Yes, it may seem impractical because we can’t control so many things. We can’t control where we move, how many times we move, when our spouse will deploy, how many schools our kids will go to by the time they hit middle school, or how many holidays will be spent away from family. But we can make our house a HOME. We can make it a place we love! I was so happy to help this sweet military family with their bedroom and I can’t wait to gift some more makeovers soon!

I started with a mood board after talking with the family and seeing what their favorite things were and here is what I came up with.

We were on a tight budget and I found this bed on Facebook marketplace! And yes, they wanted a full size too!

Check out the before and afters and let me know what you think! ♥️ I linked as much as I could that I used and you can always shop through my



Wall sconces

Artwork above bed

Throw pillows


Gallery wall frames

Gold and Black

Olive tree


Similar trunk options. This one is vintage

Here and Here and Here

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