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THIS IS THE WEEK! One Room Challenge Week 3

Hi! I'm Amy!

If you're new here, I am a mama to 4 wild and crazy boys, a military spouse, and I travel the US making people homes more beautiful. I'm a whirlwind of creativity and it's beauty in chaos pretty much 24/7 around here! I started as a wedding and event coordinator right out of college and transitioned naturally to interiors while wanting to make my house a home on a budget as a young military spouse. Fast forward 15 years later and I am a work from home, homeschooling mama who fills her time renovating our 1980's home with my husband and kiddos by my side!

You guys!!!!!! It's the week my floors get refinished! I feel like I'm a kid on the night before Christmas Eve because they are coming tomorrow to refinish them! Can I get an AMEN?! A virtual fist bump?! An air-hug?!? Oh, and did I also mention that my cabinets are coming??? AND my gas line is getting installed, for my NEW STOVE that also just got here a couple of days ago! It's happening, people. It's really happening. The months of planning and prepping. The demolition. The living without a stove or a real kitchen. I SEE THE FINISH LINE!

We still have a ton more to do. The countertop fabricators are arriving on Friday to take measurements and we may have to reschedule them for Monday. Then once all of the measurements are correct, we still have to have everything fabricated, then installed. Appliances and lighting also need to be installed. along with backsplash and my vent and vent hood, shelving...lots still to do but these cabinets coming really seems like it's finally a reality. Like I may actually have a semi finished kitchen soon.

This was a shorter blog post this week but it's making up for the massively huge blog post that is going to take place next week to update you on all of the progress that has happened. And boy, I can't wait! Okay, okay, I have to get to bed. I may not be able to sleep because of excitement but I have to try!

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