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We Have Cabinets! One Room Challenge- Week 5

Hi! I'm Amy! If you're new here, I am a mama to 4 wild and crazy boys, a military spouse, and I travel the US making people homes more beautiful. I'm a whirlwind of creativity and it's beauty in chaos pretty much 24/7 around here! I started as a wedding and event coordinator right out of college and transitioned naturally to interiors while wanting to make my house a home on a budget as a young military spouse. Fast forward 15 years later and I am a work from home, homeschooling mama who fills her time renovating our 1980's home with my husband and kiddos by my side!

You guys! How in the freaking heck is it already week five of the One Room Challenge?! This is flying by and I'm just fingers crossed over here that by week 8 I will have a finished product to show you!

It's crazy how I do this for clients all over the country but it's WAY more stressful doing it for myself! I don't get stressed at all when I help my clients, but when it's my house it's a whole new ballgame! I keep telling my clients that it's really good that they hire me to handle their stress of home renovations and home builds because I want to hire me too right now to handle this for me. We bought our house on January 11th and it is June 6th and we still haven't really unpacked. We have dust about 5 inches thick from sanding and construction, and my husband is about to divorce me that I thought renovating was a good idea. I told him it would be hell. I didn't lie. It's hell, well for him, for me I can live in this craziness and embrace every second and even want to go do another house right after this is done because I love it that much! And just seeing my vision come to live is amazing. I mean, really. I already feel so proud and happy and just picturing our family eating dinner around that amazing island gives me allllll the feels

So what did we accomplish in week 5? SO MUCH! Cabinets got installed, sink was installed, counter tops were measured and fabrication started, and we got our vent hood installed and built out too! My kids are complaining that we haven't played with them lately because of "Mommy's projects" though so I need to hurry up and finish this for a while so I can parent my children again. I mean, they don't complain when I let them play extra video games and watch extra TV, but I'm the one feeling a little guilty though so I need to hurry things up.

We had a little issue with the sink cabinet. I probably should have ordered a 38 inch because I have a massive 36 inch farmhouse fireclay sink and I ordered a 36 in cabinet base for it. My bad. But I figured it out and we just cut the cabinet down and added some trim on the side and it's good as new. Crisis adverted!

Oh, and my range is here and it's pretty much the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean ever. We don't have natural gas here, and after living in California for almost 7 years and cooking on gas, I just couldn't cook on electric again. This range is amazing and we added a propane conversion kit to it. Then I had a propane tank installed here and viola! Cooking on gas again!! Well, not yet, because we need to install a 4-pronged outlet onto it so I don't have to light the stove with a match, but I can't believe I have gone this long without a stove cooking food for my family of 6!

Well, I could go on and on about all of the things I did and my hubby did this week to make it more live-able and install our cabinets and vent hood, but let's face it, you guys are here for the pictures and for the links. Maybe a tutorial or 2 but really you want the meat and that's the meat of it! Cabinets are in and I love them! Now hurry up and be 10 days so I can have my countertops installed!!

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